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Saturday, 17 November 2018

Editorial: Omdurman-Bara Highway .. New Epoch

North Kordofan Governor, Maulana Ahmed Haroun announced that Omdurman-Bara Highway will be inaugurated in September

He emphasized the importance of the road as it will link Kordofan states with Darfur states besides linking neighbouring countries with Port Sudan for exportation and importation.
Haroun enumerated Omdurman-Bara highway’s social and economic values to the areas alongside, beside linking these areas in Jabrat al Sheikh with the national roads, and activating the economic and commercial movement, and before that facilitating the movement and travelling of the citizens.
The highway will reduce 50% of the distance between Greater Khartoum and the North Darfur state as its represents a shortcut for existing route which passes through Kosti to El-Obeid.
This highway will bring an end to the isolation of the marginalized locality along the route from Greater Khartoum to El-Obeid.
It will ease the access to Khartoum and will definitely encourage the investments.
The experience of NADC Saudi company in agricultural and animal production investment will encourage other companies to follow suit after this main infrastructure project is completed a matter that will ease the marketing locally and exporting the cash crops through Port Sudan.
Omdurman-Bara Highway represented a big challenge after the suspension of the loan which is supposed to finance the construction following South Sudan cessation.
The highway will reduce 200 kilometers distance between Khartoum and El-Obeid which means saving time the spare parts of the vehicles
Omdurman-Bara Highway is one of the important achievements of the government considering that it was a dream for the people of North Kordofan a matter that made the government of the state put it on top of the priorities of its campaign (Nafeer).
The epoch of Omdurman-Bara Highway affirms that there is nothing impossible as long as there is strong will and desire.
If the government waited for loans or foreign assistance to fund the project, it could have been still on paper pending the approval and the long bureaucratic procedures which can take years and years.
The practical start with the available limited resources supported by strong desire transformed the dreams and wishes into reality.
Good luck Kordofan citizens, good luck Sudanese nation.