Current Date:

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Editorial: Corruption Crisis ... Delayed Justice

Last month President Al Bashir launched the anti-Corruption Investigation Unit of National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS)

in the presence of Chief Justice, NISS Director, Attorney General and other related institutions.
In his address at the launching ceremony, Al Bashir described the corruption as bugs that grate the body of the state and the society, adding that corruption creates scroungers who get money through illegal methods.
He reiterated his directives for establishing an office at the Federal Government Chamber to receive complaints from the institutions and citizens in the cases of imposition of the states of fees in violation of the federal legislations.
He directed the Minister of Federal Government to deduct the illegal fees from the federal support for these in the case of repeating the imposition of these fees.
On the other hand, NISS Director said that the establishment of anti-corruption unit will make them able to contain the phenomenon, adding that the unit includes experts from the Auditor General Chamber, inspectors from the Central Bank of Sudan, judges, taxation and customs experts besides the NISS officers.
However, the step found broad welcome from the citizens considering that the step proves the seriousness of the government to curb corruption.
Now the government is facing a real test as the corruption dossiers and the detained corrupt persons were not brought to justice till this moment despite the fact that the cases are clear and the information collected are enough for the concerned courts to have its say.
We believe that the government should not waste time in lengthened procedures which in all cases serve the interest of any person or party.
The delay may lead to thinking that the justice is disabled and that the courts are unable to do their role.
It is high time for the government to issue regular reports on the pending cases or the new discovered cases.
The accountability of the government is crucial considering that the war against corruption is led by the President himself supported by strong political will.
There should be no obstacles that hinder the anti-corruption campaign otherwise the citizens will feel disappointed after they expressed their full support to the government in this regard.