Current Date:

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Editorial: 64th Army Day Anniversary

The coming words are very frank and without any decoration

Don’t believe that is Sudan a fragile and able to be broken.
Don’t listen to the addresses that warn that Sudan might become another Syria or Yemen or Libya, because those are just illusions.
The sample of Yemen, Libya and Syria could not be applied in Sudan because we have a unique army institution which is far away from the hands of the politicians and because of that our country is safe no matter how long our politicians will continue their absurd tensions.
God bless us with an army which is celebrating its 64th anniversary these days.
The Sudanese army remained all these long years shouldering all the sins and trespasses of the politicians.
Our army passed through stormy events starting from Torit rebellion in 1955 through the civil war with its very high bloody price till the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was reached.
Our army has remained as an everlasting icon for nationalism and a castle for the security and stability of the homeland.
The Armed Forces has celebrated as part of marking the 64th Army Day graduation of new batches of officers after fully equipping them with military sciences and other specialized sciences including Batches (62) and (64) besides batch (18) navy.
Our army is committed to the values of peaceful coexistence, good neighborliness and maintenance of international peace and security.
The 64th anniversary of the Armed Forces Day would witness pressing ahead with the process of building and enhancing the combat capabilities of the army through training and provision of advanced equipment and weapons.
Let us preserve our army and unity to protect its back through overcoming our absurd disputes as this is the only guarantee to confront all our political and economic crises.
Thumps up our national army in its 64th anniversary; we wish its continuation of its noble mission in protecting the nation.