The formation of the crimes of corruption court and providing it with competent judges is a good start in the war against corruption

The opening of the court is a major step towards the administration of justice and implementation of the judiciary's strategy of specialized quality work, as it will play a major role in laying the foundations of justice and preserving public money.
The step represents an approach to the broader concept which is internationally recognized which includes, among other things, the misuse of power accorded to achieve personal gains – whether in the form of buying votes, or granting contracts by a public employee to his/her friend, or gifts by a businessperson to civil servants, or asking for payments for free of charge services, or violating laws.
Corruption constitutes a major obstacle to human rights, equality, and democracy and poses threat to national, regional, international security and sustaining natural resources.
Corruption harms all of those whose life and fortunes are dependent on the integrity of those in power, mostly it harms the poor. 
Corruption has become a trans-border problem and fighting it is in favor of good governance.
However, the formation of the specialized court is not enough to curb corruption because there are other tools which enable it conduct its mission in a professional manner and to obtain the correct information such as ensuring free access to information, activating women’s role in combating corruption and boosting transparency in public institutions and the private sector; establishing special forums to promote the principles of transparency.
The Ministry of Justice should review all the corruption relating laws with regular assessment and evaluation to those laws to ensure that those laws are satisfactorily to curb corruption.
The lawyers also should form legal support centres to encourage citizens file criminal cases against corrupt person without fear.
Most important is the formation of the anticorruption commission to adapt effective policies that materialize the principles of the rule of law.
The Sudanese Transparency Organization should be involved as an independent civil society organization because its main objective is fighting corruption at the national level, and forging partnership with the government, civil society, business sector, and the media to enhance fighting corruption.

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