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Monday, 19 November 2018

Editorial: 100% Affiliating to Sudan

The issue currently regarding Abyei specifically is this; popular committees will be formed with the aim of helping Sudan’s government

as maintaining the security of the district tightly. In order for the move as attaining goals fruitfully, all segments of the population there, such as the sectors of youth, women and students need to be mobilized broadly. 
The plan on part of the government of Sudan does not just come out the blue randomly. It is because of convictions irrevocably that Abyei is Sudanese 100%. Realities on the ground say that it is the Misseiriya tribe of Sudan that is the originator of Abyei. Then and at a later stage comes the tribe of the Dinka Ngok of South Sudan as just a new addition, nothing more, nothing less.
Besides,  the Misseiriya are a majority. Juba knows very well that if the Misseiriya are to do it electorally, then it is them who are the winners undeniably. That instead of recognizing the Misseiriya as the Abyei's true citizens and a majority, Juba  insists on undermining their position by considering them as mere nomads who have not been settling in the area permanently. Therefore, they are not eligible to vote in the referendum that is to decide the fate of Abyei; either affiliating to Sudan or South Sudan.
One final point of crucial importance is this; confession of ownership of Sudan to Abyei has been revealed by even the Southerners themselves; the  prominent figure Bona Malwal in particular, is the one who makes it publicly known to all that Abyei is 100% a Sudanese territory. 
Based on the aforementioned, we can say this; all indications  show that Abyei is Sudanese 100%. Initially, it is resided by the Misseiriya people who are besides being the originators, have also constituted the majority of the population undoubtedly. 
Even the Southerners themselves,  such as Bona Malwal, witness that Sudan is the owner genuinely of Abyei.
So,  Sudan’s decision as forming  popular committees there with the aim of helping the  government as maintaining the security of the district tightly, has just emanated from here.

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