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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Editorial: 12 Rounds of Talks Fruitlessly

The negotiations between the government and SPLM/N-Al Hillu that were resumed at Addis Ababa

of Ethiopia recently are doomed to utter failure sadly. Such a pattern is not without reasons to support. SPLM/N-Al Hillu functions as the factor mainly by insisting conditionally that humanitarian assistance should be brought through the areas that are under their control unrestrictedly- a sheer violation to the sovereignty of the country broadly.
In this regard, there is a question that should be asked here; if we agree with the demand of SPLM/N- Al Hillu wholly as allowing it as bringing  in whatever it wants to, then what about the guarantees- that it may  misappropriate such a thing by  achieving agendas personally, such as for instance, weapons and not foodstuffs?
Definitely, a situation as such may result in the consolidation of SPLM/N- Al Hillu unlimitedly, especially militarily.
Also, for SPLM/N -Al Hillu as thinking that negotiation with the government is just a waste of time nonsensically due to the hard conditions presently, especially economically, is sheer miscalculation unwisely. Such a behavior on part of SPLM/N- Al Hillu is very indicative that it does not comprehend the lesson comprehensively.  Itself and the other entities of the opposition, have tried all types of methods, peacefully and violently, to uproot the government finally. But, to no avail. All of them invariably are defeated fatally and catastrophically. 
In line, the fact that SPLM/N –Al Hillu, is new to the field of negotiation, and that it lacks experience adequately, explains why it behaves hesitantly, especially on how to do it peacefully with the present government specifically.
Such a pattern has reflected adversely while SPLM/N –Al Hillu was negotiating with government; instead of focusing on the two areas exclusively with the aim of solving problems there radically, it is noticed as tacking national issues irrelevantly. 
So, the conclusion is this; although SPLM/N generally,  have got involved into negotiations with the current government- since 2016 and up to the present time (12 rounds exactly)- but, nothing real  has been  reaped tangibly which exacerbates the life of the people of the two areas to worst levels miserably.

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