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Thursday, 15 November 2018

Editorial: “And You, Brutus?”

Recently, the Egypt's foreign minister, Sameh Shukri, was reported as being engaged in discussions unofficially in the lands of Ethiopia particularly

The whole issue revolves around a plan that Egypt has designed with the intention of undermining the position of Sudan catastrophically by distancing it jealously and conspiringly from a very close ally truthfully- Ethiopia especially.
It is noteworthy that, this is not the first time for Egypt as plotting against Sudan like this typically-but, numerously and repeatedly.
Delightedly, Ethiopia all the time aborts such plots promptly because of adherence with Sudan solidly and irrevocably-something that angers Egypt fatally.
The plot of Egypt against Sudan, is not without a cause noticeably; the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will result in bringing in all the goods to Sudan exclusively – something that is to enable it as utilizing its water share fully; since large amounts of it goes to Egypt routinely,  because of lack of storage  means sadly. So, the plots of Egypt have just emanated from here unreasonably-simply, due to restoration of rights legitimately.
Despite all these ill wishes on part of Egypt, Sudan has never stopped defending it honestly and unceasingly, but, alas, the reward is so frustrating hugely. 
Further,  Sudan has kept all the time saying this publicly; Egypt's  rights of water and as incorporated in the 1959 Nile water agreement, are a red line that nobody should cross daringly.
Also, and when the other Nile basin countries have decided to amend the agreement, Sudan sides with Egypt automatically and unreservedly, although it is the beneficial of such an orientation tremendously.
Moreover, Sudan has never ceased  reiterating that no matter the nature of problems with Egypt are, be they relate to Halayeb and none, still under no circumstance are to qualify as launching wars against one another- going even further as describing the  relations bilaterally as the holiest ones unprecedentedly.
It goes without saying that, the pattern of the conspiracy of Egypt against Sudan, is just reminding one of the story of Julius Caesar who is stabbed in the back by his close friend, Marcus Brutus. While bleeding and dying, Caesar utters his famous last words, “And you, Brutus?”

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