Role of Women in Enhancing Religious Tolerance
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Role of Women in Enhancing Religious Tolerance

Khartoum - In the context of implementing religious tolerance and forgiveness in the Sudanese society, the Supreme council of guidance and endowments organized a

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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Sudan Number One Worldwide in Export of Sesame

Khartoum-: Chairperson of the Sudanese Parliament’s Agriculture Committee Dr. Abdullah Masar, has affirmed that Sudan is number one worldwide in export of the commodity of sesame and ranks third in production. He noted that  that sesame and its products rank second after cotton in term of the total revenue of exports and it is exported as grains or manufacured edible oil, while  sister  Egypt is  Sudan’s largest importing of sesame, followed by China and Lebanon; and it is used their in production of edible  oils, sweets and candy or as grains.
Masar indicated that exports of sesame play an important role in national economy of Sudan. In addition to its role to achieving food security for human and feeding animals the raw material of some products especially edible oils, Masar pointed out that part of it is used locally in production of tahini, oil and its agricultural residues is used in animal fodder. He confirmed that this year its production has risen up from the production from previous years, whereby a number of contracts were signed to export it to a number of countries in Asia and Latin America.
He explained in an interview with Middle East News Agency (MENA) that sesame cultivation is concentrated in Gedarif state and it is the most important areas for producing it, sesame is also found in traditional agriculture zones in west Sudan as a basic edible oil crop.
Masar expected an increase of production in the coming years due to its high price and farmers interest of cultivating it.